About US

Welcome to Vitaminpedia.org, Interest in vitamins, minerals, food supplements, and herbs is growing. Vitaminpedia.org provides nonjudgmental coverage of nutritional options without advocating any particular ones. Mainly for the layman, it is presented in easy-to-read A-Z format and updates the 1996 first edition with 100 new entries, including Bee pollenChondroitin, Fen-phen, Golden rice, Green drinks and superfoods, Green tea, Mediterranean diet, Nutraceuticals, Quinoa, Reishi mushroom, Stevia leaf powder, and tempeh.

Vitaminpedia.org provides a look at the nutrients that foods and supplements offer and how they work with the body and offers an A-Z directory on over 900 vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

The more than 900 entries focus on how to use the substances safely, their effects on nutrition, their uses as treatment for assorted health concerns, and common misconceptions about them. Articles on individual vitamins and minerals are detailed. The entry on vitamin E, for example, has sections on history, deficiency, dosage, RDA, and toxicity, along with three charts.